How to become
a member of the "EroExpo"?

Registration for visitors and participants open in personal account and is only necessary to generate badges for attending the event.

Contact the project organizers:
+7 (499) 408-42-28
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We invite to participate

We invite to participate manufacturers, distributors, wholesale companies and providers who have in assortment products which might be sold through the special shops (sex shops), pharmacies and online stores which sell products for adults, underwear, intimate cosmetics and so on.

Participant reseives:

  • stand with all necessary equipment from 4 to 60 square meters which includes shelves and panels for convenient products placement.
  • information about the event on all participants websites
  • communication with customers of all participating companies
  • participation from 2 to 10 your employees (depending on stand size)
  • drinks (coffee, tea, water- without limits ) for free
  • dinner for participants and invited guests for free
  • possibility to make exclusive constructions
  • possibility to conduct seminars

How make this event maximally productive?

nvite your clients to the event. Free entry for all clients. You can personally show them new assortment and tell about services and other possibilities. Also, informal style of reception can help strengthening already existing business relations and your company can become for new clients really good partner, not only one of providers.

Each participating company: Post the information about the «EroExpo» exhibition on official website in the company's news section, information banner about the project and link to the «EroExpo» website for registering all guests and participants of exhibition. Provide direct informing company’s clients about holding the project. Invite to pre-registration for visiting. It is very important for optimal organization of exhibition, because it is necessary to provide drinks and lunch for all guests and participants and also important to book hotel rooms beforehand at special prices for the duration of the «EroExpo» exhibition.

Documents for participation:



Annex No_1 2023 (*.pdf)

Annex No 2-for rent extra equipment 2023(EUR) (*.xlsx)

Annex No 2-for rent extra equipment 2023(CNY) (*.xlsx)

Annex No 3 Additional services at the EroExpo 2023(EUR) (*.pdf)

Annex No 3 Additional services at the EroExpo 2023(CNY) (*.pdf)


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