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The National Company Kazanova 69 held an advertising action - Night of Museums in the museum "About It"

Dear friends!

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The National Company Kazanova 69 held an action - Night of Museums in the museum "About It", which was held powerfully and triumphantly.

Every year Yekaterinburg is one of the cities-participants of the international campaign “ Night of Museums” , during which you can see the expositions of all the city museums.

The main goal of the campaign is to show the resource, possibilities, potential of modern museums and attract new visitors.

During the night of 19-20 May our museum "About It" was visited by 4 000 people, the queue of people wishing to visit the exposition stretched for a hundred meters.

We are glad that love, its culture and history have become so popular in our society!


Advertising action from our regular participant SOFTLAND!

Dear friends!
We present to your attention an advertising action from our regular Participant SOFTLAND.

ComeIn 50 100 200

OOO «SOFTLAND» presents lubricants «Come In».

The lubricant is water-based and contains aloe juice. This component nicely softens the delicate the genital organs and also has a calming effect after sex. The gel is convenient for use as a lubricant in sexual games, has a stimulating and toning effect. Long slip effect. Can be used with condoms and vibromassagers. Suitable for massage, soothes and cares for the skin. It has no smell and taste, it does not smell and taste. Volume: 50, 100, 200 ml

Natural universal lubricant without taste and smell COME IN SILIKON on a silicone base (75 ml).

Perfectly suitable for both sexual intercourse and erotic massage.

Lubricant is suitable for both anal and classic sex.

Using a lubricant will avoid unpleasant or painful sensations during intimacy.

When you buy 5 pieces of each type of Come In lubricant, you receive plastic checkout display for free, which contains all Come In lubricants, flyers with INVERMA products, and a set of sachets






"BIOR-OPT" put a novelty on sale -super cream for men "Stand up"!


Dear friends!

Long-awaited super cream for men "Stand up" is already on sale! http://www.bior-opt.ru/catalog/43446/ It will help quickly make the male penis into a state of full alert! "Stand up" maximizes sexual opportunities - will strengthen the erection, will keep everything under control, prolong the sexual intercourse, increase sensitivity.

"Stand up" is an opportunity to experience a super-powerful orgasm by yourself and to present enchanting emotions to your partner.

The cream acts quickly and continuously, giving an incredible play of sensations - arousing warmth and a stimulating chill. Wave-like change of warmth and cold lead to a maximum fannes the senses, allowing you to experience an indescribable pleasure.

"Stand up" has a gentle, light texture and a pleasant, unobtrusive strawberry flavor. Quickly absorbed, leaving no stickiness on the skin and traces on the laundry. If it is used regularly, it softens, nourishes and moistens intimate areas.

Order the cream "Stand up" right now! Glad your favorite customers with a great novelty! http://www.bior-opt.ru/catalog/43446/


The photos and materials from the past exhibition EroExpo 2017

Dear guests and participants of EroExpo-2017!

We are glad to present you the photos from the past exhibition. . For the convenience of viewing the photos are divided into five groups.

In the next few days, we will post a video about the past project.

We are also waiting for your feedback and interesting photos and video materials from the exhibition to email- This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or to our Facebook group - https://www.facebook.com/groups/eroexpo/

Keep up with our news and be aware of the adult goods industry events!