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How to visit «EroExpo»

If you want to visit the exhibition you should sign up necessarily and get our coordinator authorization. Remember if a badge hasn’t been done for you beforehand you should pay for visit (1500 rubles per day). 2 employees from each company participate in the exhibition for free(the third employee and others pay for visit 1500 rubles per day ). You can see a form of registration at the bottom. Number of tickets in the time of holding the exhibition is limited.

To free entrance we invite: owners or representatives of the company who works in the industry of products for adults and in the underwear industry. 2 employees from each company. If you know that more than 2 employees from your company take part in the exhibition, take care about extra payment for visit.

If you only going to open sex shop and haven't worked with EroExpo organizers or participants yet , please take care about payment for guest tickets. Write necessary amount of guest tickets in the registration form and we will reserve them for you.

If you have not payed for guest tickets and in the day of holding the exhibition will be no tickets, we can not let you visit EroExpo project. If you have questions or you want to pay for guest ticket, please contact us by phone +7 499 408 42 28 or by Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Authorization on website

Enter the login specified at registration (it is not the same as E-mail) and password.

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