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Our regular participant - the company «СОФТЛЕНД»



Once again, OOO "SOFTLAND" is glad to welcome all participants and guests of the exhibition EroExpo-2017.

Since our last meeting we have changed a lot and improved! And it's all thanks to You!

In our stock You can always choose the position You are interested in Orion, PipeDream, JoyDivision, Baile, Inverma, RUF, Soft Line Collection, А-полимер и др.

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We are also willing to offer a "preorder item"!

We will create the order based on Your preferences and bring you your desired item!

One of the important aspects of the smooth running of a sex shop is timely delivery of goods to wholesalers by the company. That is why we shipped Your orders on schedule, and on the day of its receipt, that allows to reduce terms of delivery. We also have a service for Express delivery!

Read more the range and terms of delivery on our website www.softland24.ru
And there is another important aspect – the price!
Our best prices have a positive effect on either Your customers or Your profits!
We always meet customers and provide the goods with deferred payment!

Knowing about the complexities of the sale of goods certain categories of imported certified products only!
All products are officially imported to the territory of Russia.

OOO "SOFTLAND" an actively developed! And all this in conditions of the protracted crisis in the country!
We get genuine pleasure from communication with your customers.

Always happy and open to new suggestions.

At our stand You will be able to meet and talk with manufacturers.

And now for the contest that we want to offer the exhibition EroExpo-2017 !
You have the opportunity to come up with a campaign that we run for our clients.*

The author of the best suggestions will get an exclusive discount !

Dear friends, colleagues and guests of the exhibition, again we welcome You to our exhibition stand # 1 !


*- suggestions are welcome on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. until 10 October 2017


A new Exhibitor "Love Doctor"

Dear friends! We are glad to introduce a new participant of the exhibition company "Love Doctor".


Alexander Shcherbakov, the founder of the franchising under brand "Love Doctor", tells about the market of adult product.

Despite the fact that the sales of sex products had been practiced for a long time on the West, in our country adult industry has been developing just for the second decade, and yet does not have mass demand among Russians. Cultural capital of Russia turned out to be a pioneer of adult goods market in Russia. The first sex shop opened in St. Petersburg in the early nineties, in Moscow a little bit later - in 1993. At the same time, wholesale companies (for example, OOO "Andrey") began its development. This year one of the oldest players on sex-products market celebrates its company 26 anniversary. Then things began to take off, and today in such a piquant market there are about 5 thousand retail sex shops and online stores. Moreover several federal trading networks which are developing under franchise have emerged. Our company managed to end up as one of the leaders of retail sex shop./p>


Sex shop "Love Doctor" was founded in 2007 in Russia. The idea of business was born due to the mailing of one of the wholesale companies about sex shop opening, but at that moment of time I worked as a hired employee, there was no time for retail store, so as a first step I decided to start up an online store. Today we are engaged in not only online, but also in offline sales: "Love Doctor" retail trading network consists of 8 own stores and 5 franchise at ones in Russia and CIS countries. Of course, even today the competition in the adult industry is quite serious. Basically there are online stores, which have big impact on the market. On the other hand, people tend to trust the brand and prefer not to buy from one-day companies, but from well-known brand’s fine products. Many people think that usually "toys" are used by single people.

Although on the contrary, the majority of adult products buyers are married couples who would like to refresh their sexual life together. Our target audience is young people from 18 to 35 years old. The same time our shops are often visited by people over 45. Should be noted, that in recent years the whole industry has experienced sales decline, the crisis has not bypassed the market of sex products - the average check fell on 30%, buyers began to buy less quantity goods and at lower price. At the same time, sex shops have learned to adapt to market changes, introducing additional discounts, loyalty programs, promos, gifts and free trainings. Thus, major players have managed to not only keep existing clients, but also to conduct "awareness-raising work".

Thanks to that sex products market in Russia will definitely move forward. Shops will be developing not only in the capitals and big cities, but also in other cities of Russia, which population is 10 thousand people or more, where there are no sex shops at all. And existing federal trading networks of sex shops are not even large enough. I think that in the nearest future such large trading networks will appear, at least we are actively working on it. In 2017, we plan to open 10 more "Love Doctor" boutiques for adults in 10 cities of Russia and near-abroad countries. In Germany, for example, one sex shop is per five thousand inhabitants, in our country - per 50 thousand inhabitants. Proceeding from this, we can say that our market has huge potential. Furthermore, tendency of rebranding of existing retail sex-shops alike our band had emerged in 2016.

The fact is that to work according to the experience of the existing trading network of entrepreneurs is not only easier, but also cheaper. Self-launch of online store necessary requires initial investment of at least 2 million rubles. The major cost is the purchase of goods, because for new players it will cost almost two times more. In this case, net profit will be reached in 1-2 years, but there is no guarantee that the business will last for a long time. If you open up a store in "Love Doctor " franchise then investments will be several times less. At the same time, you get a discount up to 40% for sex products from manufacturers, and along with it, gain one of the important competitive advantages - an opportunity to sell goods with promo, at lower price than competitors may provide. Moreover, for many years of our presence on the market, we already invested about 10 million rubles in promotion of the brand, which is used by our franchisees. We have a lot to offer for both lovers and businessmen!

For the convenience of our franchise partners in September 2016 we announced our own wholesale direction, and in January 2017 we launched our own wholesale store “Intim-mall”. We have created convenient wholesale portal Intimmoll.ru where registration takes one minute, and benefit of the first intimate goods purchase will be up to 40% if you buy in bulk .

We always offer the best forms of work to potential partner. We just like you are interested in developing your business. We will also run, solve, invest, even though in fact we will not have a share in the business. We believe that this is right and fair, because what is good for our partners is good for us.

We strive to grow together with you. Our business based on right attitude to partners: you are not just our source of profit, but our business associates. We offer honest and transparent conditions for cooperation in the sale of sex toys.


The founder of OOO "Aventa" Alexander Shcherbakov



Our regular participant - the company "Andrey"

History of the company.

"Andrey" is one of the leaders among Russian manufacturers and wholesale suppliers of intimate goods for sex shops. Since 1991, the "Andrey" team has made their way from a small "Intim" store to a large international company.

Appearing at the junction of changing social attitudes, the company has become a kind of indicator of a new life in which there is a place for harmonious and beautiful family relationships. The "Andrey" base in Russia includes more than 800 partners in 150 cities.

We are often asked, "Where does this name come from?". The name of three of the four founders is Andrey. This determined the choice of the company name. After a while, the founders changed the business roads, and at the moment the only loyal to the industry founder is Andrey Eliseev.


The main value of the "Andrey" company is professionalism and openness of employees. The company's staff is growing steadily, and at the moment the number of staff is more than 130 people ( with branches). Some employees work for more than 20 years! They convey their accumulated experience to beginners and reveal the nuances of work in the adult business. Also, the company's employees regularly attend various trainings, seminars and courses to improve the level of knowledge and skills in their field.

Brands and distinctive features of the company.

The existence of own storage facilities at the "Andrey" company allows to reduce storage costs and reduce prices for goods, supporting the widest product range. We monitor the emergence of new products in the sex products market and try to offer them to customers as soon as possible.

At our warehouses we have the assortment of more than 8000 most popular items of goods, which allows us to carry out the shipment of the order within one day. Our customers are about 1500 stores in Russia, Belarus and Kazakhstan.

We offer a huge selection of products from the world's leading manufacturers. The main brands represented in our assortment matrix: Anais, Satisfyer, Nalone, Lexy, Xise, Lovetoy, OVO, SLC, Diva, Inverma, Maleedge и Jes-Extender, Roxana, Shunga, Svakom, System Jo, Bathmate, Vibe Therapy, Partner Toys etc. In total in the assortment of the company there are more than 80 brands, including exclusive– TOYFA, Sexus, Erolanta, Candy Girl, Erotist и Qvibry.

The team of designers, brand managers, analysts and marketers is working on the development of their own brands. We regularly monitor market trends, conduct analytical research and provide comprehensive marketing support to clients.

Brands of "Andrey" company are in great demand in the market of sex products and have been sold successfully for more than 10 years.


In the "Andrey" company operates a unique bonus system "ATAS". When you buy goods, you automatically accumulate bonuses ATAS, which in the future can be spent on traveling with a club of sex-shoppers and not only that!
Currently, within the ATAS Bonus Program, there is an ATAS shop, where for ATASes as the domestic currency, charged for orders for goods for a sex shop, you can buy a lot of goods for home and business, as well as souvenir products with the ATAS club logo.

Interesting events

Travel with ATAS Club (Andrey Travel Adult Club). On the basis of the company exists and is rapidly becoming more and more popular ATAS - an international club of like-minded travelers, created in 2012. More than 100 members of the club - owners of business in the adult industry, who aspire to travel around the world and use informal communication with colleagues to share their experience, develop the market and generate ideas for materializing them into life and business.

Erotic Expo exhibition. The "Andrey" company annually conducts a specialized exhibition-Erotic Expo for owners of sex shops in its own exhibition hall (300 sq.m.), where you can get acquainted with the goods in detail. For 20 years, the exhibition format has grown to international: the exchange of experience of representatives of the world's largest brands and leaders of domestic retail business.

Erotic Expo is an annual significant event of the international format for the adult industry. Every year before the exhibition is a period of productive work, interesting projects and serious results. Erotic Expo is a time to sum up everything, discuss the achieved goals, share experience, learn new technologies, outline new plans, work interestingly and profitably, and celebrate the birthday of the "Andrey" company.

Customers can see and disassemble the entire range of the "Andrey" company products, represented in the largest showroom in Russia, as well as personally receive the recommendation of leading managers.

The exhibition is held each year in the first days of December. Follow the news and participate!


Representations and warehouses of the "Andrey" company are located in five cities of Russia: Moscow, St. Petersburg, Krasnodar, Novosibirsk, Tyumen (central office). The location of the branches significantly reduces the time for ordering formation and delivering to different parts of our country.

Special attention deserves the central warehouse holding area of 5 000 m2, which is located in Tyumen. Thanks to a large territory, the company always has a sufficient quantity of goods in reserve.

Barcoding system which was implemented in the company in 2014, minimizes errors at work.
The routing system makes it possible to automatically send emails to customers in the time of shipping . Each client waiting for the order is 100% informed of its dispatch. Electronic workflow provides a convenient and fast exchange of documents and information with customers.

New products and exclusive.

The assortment of the "Andrey" company is regularly filled with new products in the world of the adult industry, including exclusive and own brands. We will tell you what's new and what's expected in the near future.

  1. Collection of vibrators and clitoral stimulators WANAME D-Splash Attracts attention with the restraint of black color combined with noble pink gold. But the real feature of the collection is low-frequency vibration, which powerfully and deeply spreads throughout the body, synchronizes with the rhythm of your heart and gives incredible sensations. Also, the WANAME brand meets all requirements for premium lubricants and creams.
  2. Rebranding of the famous line of nozzles TOYFA Х-Lover. The collection has changed not only from the outside, but also from the inside - new forms, new materials. Bright packaging, bright sensations!
  3. Men's product line Erotist – Erotist is a high quality and brutal appearance of toys, created not only for pleasure, but also for maintaining men's health! What's new: in the autumn of 2017, the launch of a revolutionary automatic pump for men is planned. In the women's Erotist line - unique vacuum stimulators with vibration Sohy and new stylish vibro massagers and vibrators.
  4. Toyfa RealStick Mulatto – classic shapes and stunning quality now in a new color.
  5. More bright toys in the A-Toys collection.In addition to new vibrators and vaginal balls made of soft velvet silicone, A-Toys presents anal plugs and penis nozzles. Besides, the line of pumps for men was replenished.
  6. Toyfa Dolce – unique waterproof vibrators in different sizes and trendy colors. Dolce toys were created for the most delicate and sensitive girls, who can be discomforted by ordinary toys. Due to its softness, toys can cause only pleasure even with the most intense stimulation.
  7. Popular line Erolanta® Lingerie Collection of Russian production will be completed with 14 new models. Erotic panties: with a classic middle landing, with a high landing and large items - bodys and combinations - will be presented at the EroExpo 2017 for the first time.
  8. Democratic prices, a variety of styles and a completed image of each model - this is what determines the collection of Candy Girl. The brand will demonstrate the novelties of women's sexy gaming suits and models of erotic lingerie.
  9. Vibrators and masturbators Nalone. Each of the Nalone novelties is a high-tech men's toy for pleasure which combines innovative design, stunning appearance and materials of the highest quality.
  10. Novelties Me Seduce - exclusive lingerie, swordbelts and erotic jewelry. All models of this brand answer to the latest trends and are popular in countries such as Germany, Great Britain, Mexico, Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates.

Forecasts in the industry.

Since 2016, there has been a trendency in the distribution of adult-industry goods in the mass market along with consumer goods, which ensures the great popularity and wide availability of sex products for most people.

Thanks to increased awareness and, accordingly, interest in sex toys, the attention of many online hypermarkets to them is growing. The assortment of the "18+" category goods is expanding, unique novelties and brands are appearing, the price competition is growing.

However, the assortment of mass-markets is often limited only by popular goods of low and medium price category, which is able to satisfy the buyer only at the stage of acquaintance with sex toys. For high-quality, high-tech goods and competent advice, buyers still go to specialized sex shops, which provide a stable tendency in the development of the adult industry in the future.

Interesting video

We are waiting for you on EroExpo 2017!


Accommodation in the hotels of Moscow

Dear Friends!

We want to inform all foreign guests and participants of the exhibition about convenient accommodation options in Moscow.

We recommend making the booking in advance, because it will allow you to choose an optimal hotel.

So there are options:

1. Traditional option- Sokolniki Hotel

It is the closest and guaranteed block. About 50 rooms were confirmed as reserve , a promotional code for booking- "EroExpo". There will be a free shuttle bus In the morning and evening.

  • The price is 4400 rubles per day for 2-bed accommodation (breakfast included)
  • The price is 3800 rubles per day for 1-bed accommodation (breakfast included)


2. Economical in the center - mini-hotel Chistoprudny

It is located near the Chistye Prudy metro station (straight line, 4 stations, 8 minutes).

  • The price from Friday to Sunday is 2600 rub / day for 2-bed accommodation (without breakfast).
  • The price from Friday to Sunday is 2400 rub / day for 1-bed accommodation (without breakfast).

The block of rooms in reserve does not provided.


3. Comfortable hotel Borodino.

It takes 25 minutes (2 km) if you go on foot and 5-7 minutes if you go by taxi . It is located between two metro stations - Krasnoselskaya and Sokolniki.

The block of rooms in reserve does not provided. Now you can book a hotel room in discount:

  • The price is 4450 rub / day for 2-bed accommodation (without breakfast).
  • The price is 3900 rub / day for 1-bed accommodation (without breakfast).


We ask all participants to publish on the sites in advance or to make dispatch of information about accommodation in Moscow for your foreign partners and guests.

Now it also makes sense to buy air and railway tickets at the lowest fares.